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  • Moneysoft Integration Update

    Update: 06 February 2018The integration between PayDashboard and Moneysoft has been completed and a working upload process is in place. Our BETA testers have been putting the system through its paces using their own data. This has... Read More
  • Moneysoft and PayDashboard Integration

    Moneysoft and PayDashboard are working together to provide an interface for Moneysoft users to deliver payslips and reports online via PayDashboard.  Moneysoft currently offers users the ability to print or email payslips, with the... Read More
  • Superpay and PayDashboard Integration

    Users of the payroll software Superpay are now able to integrate their payroll software with PayDashboard. This integration opens up the option for Superpay users to offer online payslips to their employees or clients, delivered in a... Read More
  • Types of ePayslips - which one are you using?

    The latest issue of the CIPP magazine Professional in Payroll, Pensions and Reward focused on the ever-present issue of delivering payslips online and featured an article on the different types of epayslips.  In the December issue of... Read More
  • Payslips and GDPR - what about password-protected emails?

    Last week we published a guide on GDPR and payslips - which raised a few questions about whether password protecting an emailed payslip will be GDPR compliant. We felt this question merited further investigation.  Read our original blog... Read More
  • Payslips and GDPR - let's get the facts straight

    Are you sick of hearing about the GDPR and how you have to completely overhaul all of your business processes to be GDPR compliant - or face crippling fines?  So are we, so we spoke to GDPR Practitioners at Nicholls Law and together... Read More
  • A Reward-Winning Night for PayDashboard

    PayDashboard were named Technology Award winners on Thursday 2nd November 2017 at The Rewards.  Up against stiff competition in the Technology category from 10 other technology providers ranging from benefits providers to global... Read More