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PayDashboard have released a report focusing on the sectors most likely to outsource their payroll, along with insights into their workforce size, in a unique analysis of the outsourced payroll market.

The report explores the industries that most commonly outsource their payroll in order to provide insights for payroll services companies looking to target this sector.

Download the full report here

We analysed over 6,000 outsourced payrolls on PayDashboard, splitting the data by sector and by the average number of employees on the payroll, to compile this high level analysis of the outsourced payroll market. The result showed a trend for 10 industries to regularly outsource their payroll, and 5 of these were shown to also have a larger-than-average workforce size compared to the non-industry specific average of 30.2 employees.

We also spoke to payroll professionals with experience in these industries to explore their thoughts on the challenges faced when working with these sectors.

Download the report to uncover insights such as:

  • The sector with more than double the number of employees on the payroll than average companies - 84.5 employees per payroll
  • The industry-specific factors that may affect whether an outsourced payroll is larger or smaller than average
  • Expert insights from payroll professionals who deal with these industries on a regular basis

Download the full report here

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