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Help out your employees and payroll / HR teams this year with these employee guides to the new tax year.

The new payroll year is looming. A time when confusion is rife amongst employees about updated tax codes, tax thresholds and more. 43% of employee queries to HR relate to pay and payslips. We are working to reduce this.

PayDashboard produce annual guides for employees covering the common questions around changes to their tax code, take-home pay, and pension contributions. You can request different versions of the guides (with and without information on Auto-Enrolment thresholds) so you can offer the most relevant guide to your employees.

Request the relevant guides here

Feel free to share these guides with your employees or clients as appropriate.

For PayDashboard customers, these guides will also be made available to your clients/employees in the Guidance section of their account.

Interested in providing guidance like this to employees?

At PayDashboard we provide guidance just like this to employees via their payslips. It's a really effective way to engage with employees and help them to understand their pay.

You don't need to change your payroll software to improve your payslip delivery - we integrate with your existing payroll software. Why not book a web demo with one of our team to see the benefits for yourself? Book online here

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