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(… even if they want to go digital!)

If your organisation is still printing payslips, you’ll probably know firsthand how expensive and time consuming it is. You might assume that printing is the only viable solution for your company, or perhaps you believe there might be resistance from your workforce when switching to electronic payslips, but have you really considered the wider implications of this delivery method for your business and employees, and whether there might be a better solution out there?

Should we provide printed payslips for our staff?

If staff genuinely do not have access to a computer or smartphone then there is of course a case to print their payslips. However we often find that this excuse from employees stems more from fear of complicated digital systems than a genuine lack of access to digital services, and recent studies show that 71% of 55-to-75 year olds (the age group usually associated with reluctance to move to digital services) now own a smartphone. (source:

What are the main problems for businesses?

There are six key problems that companies face with the printed payslip method. The most common concerns are around cost and sustainability. But there may be other reasons, for example:

  • It takes a significant amount of time and resources to distribute printed payslips
  • Printed payslips are inconvenient for your more tech-savvy staff
  • Printed payslips do not represent best practice in data security

Read about the SIX problems with printing payslips (download)

And the environmental impact?

Most organisations are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint and are therefore looking to digitise many of their business functions. Making the shift from printed payslips is environmental win for you and your organisation.

Read our client case study on making the switch to epayslips

What are the blockers to change?

Despite the numerous arguments against printing payslips, many businesses continue to do so for several reasons:

  1. Their payroll software does not have a portal or email solution – so they believe that printing is their only option
  2. Their staff are not IT literate – and they are nervous about how employees will react to a digital payslip
  3. Their epayslips system can’t be accessed by staff without access to a work network or system – so printing is the only way to give staff their payslip if they work remotely, are on maternity leave or sick leave.
  4. They are concerned about the security of online data

If any of these problems resonate with you, download our report

Switching a more efficient payslip delivery method via an online portal can be a transformative solution for your business.

Nervous about the idea of moving to a portal?

Whether you feel restricted by the options of your payroll software (but don’t necessarily want the hassle of a software change) or have concerns about how staff will cope with the change to a portal, or worry about online portal security, this guide will help you. PayDashboard can provide you with the tools to switch from printed payslips to the immersive, interactive SMARTslipsTM – making pay day easier for you and more engaging for your employees.

Download our guide to moving from printed payslips to epayslips


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