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PayDashboard has been accepted to join the G Cloud 11 framework, enabling Public Sector organisations to easily access our SmartSlip technology through the Digital Marketplace.

G Cloud is a Government framework that enabled public sector buyers to procure cloud services. Buying services through frameworks is faster and cheaper than entering into individual procurement contracts.

From July 2019, PayDashboard’s digital payslip portal is available on the “Cloud Software” lot on the Digital Marketplace.

PayDashboard features for Public Sector Organisations

This summer many graduates will take up their first full-time employment position, and a large number will join the public sector. These graduates are of an age where they have never seen a PDF bank statement… so why are they being given a PDF payslip?

Where public sector organisations have moved away from printed payslips (and many organisations in the sector still use this method), the default option tends to be emailed PDF payslips, or PDF payslips in a portal.

PayDashboard offers a more engaging payday experience for employees than a simple PDF payslip, including:

  • The ability to translate the payslip to their chosen language – not possible with a PDF
  • Graphical analysis of pay, with a simple way to compare payslips – not possible with a PDF
  • Financial education provided alongside the payslip, such as tax code guides – rarely offered by PDF portals

For public sector employers looking to help employees to understand their pay and provide an added engagement tool, PayDashboard is the ideal solution – particularly as they do not need to change their underlying payroll software in order to use PayDashboard.

We’ll be exhibiting at Digitech 19 in November as our first foray into this industry and look forward to meeting attendees there. In the meantime to find out more about PayDashboard and how to compliantly procure payslip services via G Cloud 11, please contact us.

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