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Features for Payroll Service Providers

Unlike other epayslip portals, PayDashboard has been designed with the challenges of a payroll bureau in mind.

From product features such as simultaneous upload of payroll data and bulk scheduling of payslips, to the fact that we don't charge you for re-publishing payslips with corrections or restrict the number of admin users that your clients can set up on PayDashboard... we are here to support you to deliver the best payroll service to your clients.

Payroll Services

Send and receive client payroll documents

Have all your client payroll information exchanged via one portal, with a clear audit trail of when the document was uploaded or downloaded and by whom. Much quicker and more secure than emailing password-protected files.

Payroll Services

Elevate your brand

You can optionally brand the PayDashboard portal with your company colours and logo, creating an engagement point with your client and increasing your brand reach and awareness amongst their employees.

Payroll Services

A formal record of client sign-off

PayDashboard's optional payslip approval feature allows your client to view and approve the final payslip data prior to publication for their employees, with the full process audited and reported in your system.

Payroll Services

Manage multiple payrolls simultaneously

PayDashboard makes payroll week less stressful for outsourced payroll providers. Manage multiple client payrolls seamlessly with tools to bulk process, schedule and publish data. You can even log out while files are processing or continue with other work, with no system lag or interruption.

Don't take our word for it

Hear what our customers have to say about PayDashboard

It's so much more than just a payslip

"We were looking for a digital payslip solution for our payroll clients and were really impressed by the email notifications and employee financial education offered by PayDashboard. These two aspects really set PayDashboard apart for us, as well as the user-friendly interface and ease of use compared to other epayslip systems."

EA Assist
EA Assist

An extra dimension

"PayDashboard gives our clients an extra dimension to their payroll data not offered by any other payslip portal provider"

Bishop Fleming
Bishop Fleming Chartered Accountants
Bishop Fleming