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About PayDashboard

The mobile payday and employee wellbeing experience app that boosts employee wellbeing and engagement

PayDashboard is a truly independent interactive payslip platform and mobile app for employees, employers, professional advisors and partners

We believe in using technology to empower consumers to use their data for greater financial management and wellbeing.

PayDashboard’s best-of-breed technology integrates with your existing payroll software and rewards systems to build financial resilience across your workforce

About Us

How is PayDashboard different?


PayDashboard's cloud payslip can be accessed via your browser or mobile app on a user's device, in a language of their choosing. The platform brings pay data, credit scores, total rewards statements and documents together into a simple interface that boosts employee financial wellbeing and engagement.


Unlike other payslip providers we are not affiliated to any one payroll bureau or payroll software package. This independence means that we are free to work with any payroll service provider or software without any fear of competing for the same clients.