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The Future of the Payslip

In March 2019, the CIPP released a report on The Future of the Payslip. This piece of research in collaboration with Mitrefinch, the first report we have seen of its kind, delves not into the usual statistics of how payslips are distributed - but looks at how employees feel about their payslips. The report also makes some recommendations on the future of payslips and how they could be improved with innovation from the payroll industry.

Their conclusion... well, it looks a lot like PayDashboard...! 

We hate to break it to you, but we've been delivering "The Future of the Payslip" for the last four years... awkward.... 

Let's look at some of the recommendations from the report.

1. 21% of employees find the terminology on their payslip confusing and 52% wanted short guides to help them understand specific areas of their payslip.

Do you mean like this....?

This is our guidance article on payslip terms that is included in every user's PayDashboard account. It's one of over 30 similar guides on things like the marriage allowance, understanding your tax code, and other helpful information from HMRC... just written in a way that's easier to understand. 

And given that this guide to payslip terms has been viewed almost 3,000 times in 2019 already, it seems that employees really appreciate having this information to hand when viewing their payslip. 

2. A popular request from respondents was to show contact information on the payslip for who to get in touch with in the event of an error. 

Or maybe even better, a "Contact Employer" button on their payslip that sends a message direct to the named payroll contact for that payroll....? 

Yep, we've got that sorted as well. 

(We are holding a live webinar on Tuesday 14th May at 11am where we will look at the findings of the report and how PayDashboard is already delivering the future of the payslip. REGISTER HERE FOR THE WEBINAR)

3. 55% of employees check their latest payslips against the previous one to see if there are any errors.

Wouldn't it be nice if instead of having to flick back and forth between payslips to compare them, your payslip just showed you exactly what changed? 

A bit like this...? PAYSLIP-COMPARISON-1.png#asset:1521

4. 55% said there was a lack of company branding on the payslip.

This is getting embarrassing now... we do that at PayDashboard too, and it's not just a single logo on the main portal, you can have a separate logo per payroll featured on the online and downloaded payslip. We also have options to purchase fully branded sites for that bit of extra brand engagement. 

The future of the payslip.... is the PayDashboard SmartSlip. 

Ready to see the future?

We are holding a live webinar on Tuesday 14th May at 11am where we will look at the findings of the report and how PayDashboard is already delivering the future of the payslip. You'll see how our focus on employee user experience, plus all the added features beyond just a payslip, makes PayDashboard payslips into SmartSlips.

REGISTER HERE FOR THE WEBINAR (opens in new window)

The future is here! 

Interested in the rest of the report: Access the full CIPP and Mitrefinch "The Future of the Payslip" report here (opens in a new window)

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