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Make payday more powerful

PayDashboard is the only online payslip that connects pay and reward with simple guidance and financial wellbeing tools for employees. Use PayDashboard with your existing software and processes to deliver powerfully engaging experiences to the people you pay.


So much more than a PDF payslip

PayDashboard's online payslip helps users to track their earnings, with highlighted changes to pay and tax, pay trends and charts, and helpful guidance and tools. Employees can log in via web or mobile app to view or download their payslips and documents... whenever, wherever.

How it works

  1. Integrate with your chosen software
  2. Upload your file in just a few seconds
  3. Publish your payslips to deliver financial wellbeing benefits on payday
Who we work with

Your security is our priority

PayDashboard is ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials certified. That means our product is subject to regular penetration testing, vulnerability scans, and audits as well as stringent access controls, security policies and data encryption. On top of all that we protect our products with multi-factor authentication and all data encrypted in transit and at rest to keep your data safe.

Implementation set-up & overview


Pick the features you want and we'll set you up with branding and customised notifications


Customised training videos, factsheets and flyers make onboarding so easy.. no matter how 'tech-savvy' your employees are


Choose your integration type and we'll work with you to complete thorough testing pre-launch


You already know that online payslips are cheaper than printing and posting. What you need to know is how much this is going to cost, so let's keep it simple. We price PayDashboard per payslip or per employee on the payroll. You licence for the volumes that you need and pay monthly. If you exceed your licence that's OK, you'll pay a small per unit fee on top of your licence. Optional modules can be added to your account per payslip, per employee, or for a flat fee. Let us know what works for you.

Reduced manual processes

The solution that gives employees all the answers around their pay and rewards.

Scales and evolves with you

Adapts to the varying needs and challenges of your business or payroll clients.

Link to your existing systems

Connect PayDashboard via Single Sign On (SSO) to your HR portal, intranet or other systems.