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A better employee payday experience

Bringing company rewards, benefits, pay, and credit information together

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What is PayDashboard?

Improving the financial resilience of employees while reducing time and cost for you.

PayDashboard is a revolutionary new solution from Experian that brings your company benefits packages, pay and employee credit information together, for enhanced employee financial wellbeing and engagement

Connect for simplification

Connect pay, credit information, company rewards, benefits and employee communications

Enhance employee financial education

Empower employees to understand their pay, tax and remuneration

Reduce manual processing tasks

Enable employee-consented income and employment verification

Enjoy increased engagement

Boost engagement of pay, rewards & employee communications by up to 40%

Prepare for the future

Manage your payroll better, with an adaptable and flexible solution that allows you to utilise the payroll software of your choice

Simplify your processes

Streamline everyday processes and reduce manual tasks to provide greater client value.

Scale your business

Boost your payroll service with an agile solution that enables you to scale at your own pace

Lead the pack

Transform your client payday experience and remain competitive with best-of-breed technology

Faster access to fairer finance

Employee-managed pay data for faster access to mortgages and other loans

On-the-go financial education

24/7 Access to financial tools and guidance

Financial awareness and management

Credit score & other push notifications for proactive financial planning

Greater uptake on benefits & rewards

Notifications about the company benefits and rewards schemes available

The trusted payday experience for multi-sector businesses

Support, training and aftercare you can count on

Our award-winning client success team will guide you through the implementation, training and launch of PayDashboard, and remain on-hand to ensure you get the most ongoing value out of the solution.

Collaboration and feedback

We work collaboratively with our clients on new product and feature updates. With regular webinars and the chance to vote on our development roadmap, your views and insights will always be listened to as a PayDashboard customer.

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