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Solutions for the Public Sector

Make SmartSlips part of your digital agenda

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Address your digital agenda

With an innovative pay portal that demonstrates your commitment to improving systems and delivery

Reduce HR queries

An easy-to-use portal that also helps employees to understand their payslip and their pay

Create efficiencies

By reducing the time spent administering payslips and PAYE forms for staff and leavers

Customised to fit your organisation

Modular functionality allows you to pick and choose the features that you require to make PayDashboard work better for your organisation, whether you require a standalone payslip portal or want to integrate epayslips with your existing HR platform.


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Easy delivery to every employee

Whether your staff work in the office or remotely, in a full-time desk role or temporary field role, are on holiday or on maternity leave, they can easily access their online payslip from any device - without needing to log in to a work network or HR system.


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No need to change your current software

PayDashboard integrates with your current payroll software or outsourced payroll provider, and can be integrated with your HR system or intranet as well. So you don't need to change your payroll software to access a better digital payslip.

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    Safe and secure

    ISO 27001 certified, with all data encrypted following industry best practices.

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    Simple monthly fee

    Tiered pricing plans offer cost effective options for companies of all sizes.

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    Free and automatic updates

    No software to download or unexpected upgrade fees.