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Our Company

Our core values

We've forged a reputation of excellence in the payroll industry, not just for our best-of-breed product but for the way in which we do business as a company. Our four core values underpin everything that we do, from recruiting our staff to supporting our customers.

Our Values

Delight Customers

At Experian, whether your role brings you into contact with customers directly or not, all of us contribute to meeting customer needs. At the heart of what we do are the relationships we invest in and nurture

Our Values

Innovate to Grow

At Experian, it’s the responsibility of each one of us to find opportunities and improve the way we do things to help our business and our customers grow.

Our Values

Collaborate to win

‘One Experian’ mindset – we work as one united team and use the combined strengths and capabilities of our people, products and services across teams, functions and regions. This translates into seamless experiences for our customers.

Our Values

Safeguard our future

At Experian, each one of us acts as a guardian for the protection of data, information, assets and our people to safeguard our future.

Our Values

Value each other

We make Experian a great place to work. We treat each other with respect, trust and integrity.