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Many businesses have already made the switch to electronic payslips distributed via email. Yet email does not represent best practice in terms of either data security or convenience for the employee – who must search through their inbox to locate their payslip.

So why have these businesses, having made the most difficult part of the change in moving from printed payslips to electronic, not taken the final step to provide employee payslips in a secure online portal?

There could be a few reasons for this:

  • Their payroll software does not have a portal option
  • Their epayslip portal can’t be accessed by staff without access to work systems
  • Low cost or free to email payslips

Or perhaps you’ve had concerns around the impact of GDPR?

If so, you can download our guide to GDPR and emailed payslips here

PayDashboard has identified 5 key areas of concern that businesses encounter when using email to deliver their employees’ payslips, specifically:

  1. Emailed payslips are inconvenient for employees
  2. There are security risks associated with emailing payslips
  3. Emailed payslips are functionally inefficient
  4. It's difficult to provide an audit trail for emailed payslips
  5. There are time and cost implications and an associated impact on your payroll staff

Many organisations make the transition from printed to emailed payslips with a view to saving their business money and precious resource time. But for many companies, this is not always the result they achieve.

If you are considering implementing emailed epayslips, or already email payslips but are experiencing some of the issues above, then why not explore how a secure online portal linked to your current payroll software could support you and your business? Download our short guide exploring emailed payslips versus a specialist payslip portal such as PayDashboard.

Download your free guide here

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