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  • Moneysoft and PayDashboard Integration

    Moneysoft and PayDashboard are working together to provide an interface for Moneysoft users to deliver payslips and reports online via PayDashboard. Moneysoft currently offers users the ability to print or email payslips, with the option Read More
  • Moneysoft Integration Update

    Update: 06 February 2018The integration between PayDashboard and Moneysoft has been completed and a working upload process is in place. Our BETA testers have been putting the system through its paces using their own data. This has highlig Read More
  • Case Study: Healthpay's quest for client data security

    With huge pressure facing their clients regarding data security, Healthpay implemented PayDashboard with Moneysoft Payroll Manager to ensure best-of-breed online security in their payroll service. Healthpay had been using Moneysoft Payrol Read More