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5 low-cost ways to support employees with money worries get back to the workplace

Getting employees back to the office full-time? Here are 5 ways to soften the blow with simple, low-cost initiatives aimed at supporting employees with their travel costs.

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The financial impact of returning to work will negatively affect thousands of UK workers. A recent study by PayDashboard revealed that UK workers have saved £100 per week on average, by working from home.

In fact, 40% of UK workers said that if their employer did not make home-working available, they would look for another job due to the financial implications of returning to work full-time.

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But there are many ways for employers to offer support. With many cost-effective and tax-efficient initiatives available, employers can provide financial support to their workforce without the need for significant investment.

In this free download, learn 5 simple hacks to provide more support to employees and help ease the financial burden for them as they head back into the office.

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