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[WEBINAR] Data breaches - are you protected?

Data breaches: a company or individual's worst nightmare. In 2023, Experian dealt with 3.4 million consumer data breaches, compared to an annual average of 400-500 thousand! In this 50-minute webinar, you will learn more about this growing threat and how to best protect yourself and your business.

Most of us imagine cyber criminals as individuals working from someone's basement, or a derelict office somewhere on the other side of the world. But nothing could be further from the truth. Cyber crime companies are sophisticated and structured...just like any corporation. They have HR and payroll departments, leadership teams and performance targets in place. When they are successful in their attacks, they have the potential to hold companies to ransom for millions, (as was the case in the MoveIt attack in summer 2023).

In this 50-minute webinar presentation, we hear from Jim Steven - Experian's Head of Crisis Recovery Services and an expert in risk management solutions. Jim is joined by Claire Rulton - Director of Addison Accounts, for a fireside chat on the current cyber landscape and the potential data security threat for both businesses and individuals. Key highlights include:

  • How cyber criminals exploit weaknesses in their victims
  • Steps SMEs can take to protect themselves against a cyber attack
  • Steps to take after a breach
  • Password protocols and layers of mitigation
  • Physical breaches: the dangers

As you will learn in the presentation, criminals don't discriminate. Businesses of any size or vertical are susceptible to a breach. It is crucial to remain aware of the steps needed to keep yourself, your business (and your employees!) safe.

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