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I resign.

Two words no employer wants to hear. But as the financial crisis continues to bite, many new year's resolutions will see employees looking for better opportunities.... and resignations will be handed in.

And biggest headache reported by payrollers during the offboarding process?

Getting the final payslip and/or P45 to the employee because they've lost their access to work email address and/or HR system on their final working day.

These issues cause considerable delays which are bad enough during the offboarding process itself - but what if it happens months down the line?

When you find yourself needing to resend copies to ex-employees who forgot to download their payslips or P60, or worse, completely misplaced their P45, it can take up a significant amount of time and resource.

Check out the advantages of PayDashboard's leaver features

A smooth employee offboarding process

  • PayDashboard enables a streamlined, automated offboarding process for employees
  • Your offboarded employees get a secure pay data archive that can be accessed for up to 6 years after they leave your employment, removing the constant requests from ex-employees and freeing up your time to focus on ensuring that your current staff are paid correctly (and on time)

Key challenges we hear at PayDashboard for businesses experiencing turnover of staff:

  • Finding alternative ways to deliver the last payslip or P45 if current systems can’t be accessed by leavers
  • Obtaining an employee’s personal email address to email final documents
  • Updating an employee’s postal address to mail the P45

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PayDashboard is an interactive cloud payslip that integrates with your payroll software to deliver an all-encompassing employee payday experience. PayDashboard’s simple data sharing capabilities create efficiencies for you, while supporting employees’ financial wellbeing and access to fairer finance.

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