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Many payroll providers are looking to offer a more strategic and diversified service to their clients.

And maybe this diversification comes in the form of offering a payslip platform that suits very specific client needs.

Brightpay and PayDashboard

Brightpay is an excellent example. Most providers that use Brightpay as their payroll software solution will probably find that Brightpay Connect aligns with the needs of their payroll clients and will therefore not need to look for any additional solutions.

However, some providers might be looking for:

  • Greater flexibility
  • A payslip solution that charges per employee, per month
  • Tools to support employee financial wellbeing

PayDashboard's integration with Brightpay facilitates a best-of-breed approach for those wishing to utilise this strategy for their payroll clients.

With simple integration and implementation, onboarding employees onto PayDashboard is a quick and efficient process, regardless of the size of your firm, bureau or company. If you are a Brightpay user and would like to expand your payroll offering with PayDashboard's cloud payslip, let's have a chat.

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