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The financial pressures being felt by the care home industry are considerable. From government funding, to lender restrictions to staff pay freezes - it seems that one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK is being hit from all sides. But the Health & Social Care Levy coming into effect in April 2022 won't have the immediate effect that care home managers would expect - it could be several years before they see any benefit.

In a recent Care Home Management podcast, our COO Paul Gibbons appeared as a guest alongside Michelle Ferris and Andy Hopper from Albert Goodman, and Alasdair McPherson from finance broker Rangewell, to discuss the financial challenges facing care homes from these different financial perspectives.

Payroll and care homes

There are some really interesting takeaways from this podcast, particularly in context of the growing role that payroll is playing in plugging the resource and process gaps in care homes against a backdrop of falling wages and employee churn. Ensuring the financial health of the sector is crucial, particularly as it's poised for exponential growth in the next five years. Embracing payroll technology will be key, such as Lifeways Group who saved £100,000 by changing just this one process.

Listen to the full podcast to learn more about the above and to learn how care home managers can embrace technology to plug process gaps and save money.

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