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[WEBINAR] Growing a payroll bureau - 13th January 2022

Taking on new business is great news for any payroll provider - especially if the new client is a large organisation. It's a chance to celebrate - and in some cases, make major announcements. But what goes on behind the scenes?

Thursday 13th January 2022 (4pm - 5pm BST)

Landing a large client is a great win for any payroll bureau - particularly when it's the bureau's first. It's a chance to celebrate - even for a major announcement in some cases. But what goes on behind the scenes? What needs to change to ensure the new client (and others) are given the service that they expect? What measures need to be put in place to ensure that both internal mental shifts and outward process changes will align with the needs and expectations of the firm as they continue to onboard bigger, more complex clients? These are crucial considerations for bureaux in the midst of a growth trajectory.

Join us for a live interview and Q&A session with Paul Hammond - UK Payroll Associate Director at BDO UK. Paul has over 20 years' payroll bureau experience, and has extensively managed a vast number of clients' payrolls with differing needs and rules. His role at BDO involves managing the payroll teams and the operational delivery of all payroll services.

Who should watch?
Anyone working within payroll services who is interested in winning that next big client and growing their bureau.