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For some, there is a prevailing belief that moving to cloud payslips involves lengthy processes, multiple stakeholders and severe disruption to their payroll client service. But this is a myth. In reality, it is as easy to implement for 4 payroll clients as it is for 4000.

In a post-pandemic world, bureau of all sizes will be looking to ditch legacy payroll systems and adopt solutions that will help them provide a more efficient client service to align with the evolving needs of their clients.

JC Payroll future-proofed their payroll service with PayDashboard

PayDashboard's software-agnostic approach allowed JC Payroll to upgrade their backend payroll software, while continuing an uninterrupted payslip delivery to their 1000+ clients.

Learn how JC Payroll added value to their payroll clients with PayDashboard as their technology partner, in this free download.

About PayDashboard

PayDashboard's scalable, cloud payslip solution gives you the flexibility to expand your client payroll service with little extra cost or additional resource. Custom branding and extra platform features enable you to provide more value, both for you and your clients. Our dedicated Client Success team remain with you from the onboarding process and beyond - to ensure you continue to get the most out of the PayDashboard product. Why not get in touch with us today or book a demo at a suitable time and experience the product for yourself.

We look forward to assisting you in providing an enhanced payday experience!