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Lifeways Group is one of the UK's leading providers of support services.

They were delivering payslips to 2,000 staff through their HR software via self-service login details, and printing and posting a further 9,500 payslips to home addresses. Needless to say this was an entirely unsustainable payslip process in the face of a growing digital economy. In addition the enormous cost involved, this process required their payroll manager to spend 3 days per month producing and distributing printed payslips.

Download this case study to learn how Lifeways Group saved £100,000 and improved efficiencies across their business by implementing PayDashboard. Find out what their Director of HR Operations had to say about this transition, and what it meant for their many thousands of employees.

About PayDashboard

PayDashboard is an interactive cloud payslip that integrates with your payroll software to deliver an all-encompassing employee payday experience. PayDashboard means increased efficiencies for you, and access to fairer finance for employees.

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