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Payslips and GDPR: password-protected emails

With so much uncertainty around future lockdowns, many organisations might have adopted email as their preferred payslip delivery method, and are continuing to do so for the time being. Email is widely accepted as being a secure way of disseminating information, but what are the GDPR implications of emailing payslips?

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Article 32 of the GDPR states “the controller and the processor shall implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk”.

We first covered this subject in 2017, but never has there been a better time than now to revisit whether password-protected emails are GDPR compliant.

Password-protecting and then emailing payslips could arguably demonstrate efforts towards compliance, you have taken technical measures in order to protect the personal data that is being transmitted over email. It is certainly more compliant than emailing payslips with no password protection.

However this does not necessarily solve your GDPR problem. There are several things to consider when emailing payslips to your employees (even when they are password protected), which are all covered in this free guide.

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Our Employee Engagement Module allows employers to communicate securely and effectively through the PayDashboard portal. Send messages, documents and notifications to one, or multiple employees, or the entire workforce. This feature provides peace of mind in knowing that all employee payslips and communication is stored securely in the PayDashboard portal, and removes the worry and data security threats of emailed communications.

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