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In response to the challenges Covid-19 is presenting the payroll industry across the UK, Mike Binns (PayDashboard CEO) details the five key initiatives that PayDashboard have implemented to help payroll providers and inhouse payroll teams in his recent client update.

PayDashboard is currently offering five key initiatives to support the payroll industry through the COVID-19 crisis, covering a combination of new product features, communications resources and support.

The biggest problems payroll teams are facing today are:

  • increased queries from clients/employees due to the constantly changing financial support from the Government
  • practical and physical barriers to processing paper reports and payslips
  • a lack of reporting capability on the impacts of COVID on their business/clients

How PayDashboard are helping clients to overcome these challenges.

  1. NEW feature – COVID Reporting Dashboard – Next week we will deliver a new, free feature for all PayDashboard clients. The COVID reporting dashboard will show you an Account wide view of your payrolls on PayDashboard, analysing data such as Statutory Sick Pay, employee churn, and changes in Gross Pay. This will allow you to monitor the effect of COVID-19 on the payrolls you run on PayDashboard and will also enable our Accounting clients to identify in real-time which of their payroll clients are most affected by COVID and offer your assistance and guidance accordingly. Interested in this feature? Sign-up here to be informed when it goes live
  2. Client COVID Resources area - We have created a new Client COVID Resources section in our platform to keep clients updated on what we are working on with regards to COVID-19 – including special resources for payroll service providers to assist you with rolling PayDashboard out as a solution for your paper-based clients. (Note - this is only available to PayDashboard clients).
  3. NEW employee guidance articles - We have created new Employee guides to SSP and Covid-19 which have been added to the product. The guides cover the key questions and information and point employees to the correct HMRC/NHS pages to generate isolation notes. These will also help to reduce the burden on HR & Payroll teams fielding queries from employees about how to claim SSP in relation to COVID. Clients can access these in their PayDashboard accounts, and non-clients can access these in PDF format here...
  4. Access to two-way documents - Any client who is having issues with their clients securely sending them documents can upgrade to our two-way documents feature free of charge for the next 6 months, to allow any client to send them documents via PayDashboard.
  5. Clients with paper payslips/P60s- If you have several paper payslips that you wish to move over to PayDashboard we can offer additional support. Communications support including webinar training for new Employer users is available, and we will also offer special pricing on additional payslips if moving these to PayDashboard will push you over your current contracted value.

If you wish to discuss any of the above or have any feedback on employee guides or product features that would help you in the coming weeks, please get in touch with us to let us know how we can support you.

Business support package and wider industry support

We have created a PayDashboard Business Support package for any company (in-house payroll or payroll service provider) who may be facing short term issues with payslip delivery at this time. While we anticipate that many of these businesses will be SMEs, we are prepared to help any business that needs us. These include:

  • options for flexible short-term contracts
  • free product training
  • communications support
  • appropriate pricing to support companies currently experiencing financial challenges as a result of coronavirus

In our efforts to support the payroll industry, we have launched a series of webinars where guest speakers (all working in payroll) will talk about how they and their businesses are adapting to the challenges COVID-19 presents. You are welcome to register for these via the links below.

Wednesday 8th April @ 16.00 - For In-House Payroll Teams

Speakers from Portsmouth & Gosport Councils, CIPP and SUEZ.

Wednesday 15th April @ 16.00 – For Payroll Services Team

Speakers TBC

We are committed to do our best to support you, your clients/employees, and the wider payroll industry through the challenging times that we face. I wish you, your colleagues and families the very best at this time,

Mike Binns, CEO

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