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NPW2023 - Benefits in Kind

If you are experiencing low uptake of your company reward and benefits schemes, this short guide is a an easy and comprehensive way to articulate their value to your employees.

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Many employees might not understand the total value of their pay and remuneration outside of the net amount they receive at the end of a pay cycle. The advantages of these benefits might not always be abundantly clear, and confusion as to how they are taxed can sometimes mean that employees put off taking part in these schemes.

This free download breaks it down into an easy, digestible way to help employees to get a better understanding of what they mean.

You might also like to give employees this bonus guide to help them to gain a better understanding of the benefits of their total rewards statements. Having this info to hand can help create a better understanding of the value of employee benefits, and close the gap of misunderstanding that can often lead to low uptake of all the great benefits you provide.

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