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The financial impact of returning to work after a prolonged lockdown is expected to affect thousands of UK workers.

Our study found that 40% of UK workers would look for another job if their employer did not make some level of home-working available.

These are staggering statistics and highly indicative of the shift in attitudes to work and finances brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Learn more in the full report here.

It’s these statistics and more, that landed our Head of Wellbeing, Laura Hughes, on Aaron Heslehurst’s BBC show, to provide commentary around the financial impact that many will face as they head back to the office.

Employee financial wellbeing

Never has there been more focus on the issue of employee financial wellbeing as there has over the past year. The pandemic has revealed the increasing need for employers to take a more active role in ensuring their employees are feeling supported in this area.

But it doesn’t have to come at a great cost. There are several low-cost initiatives that employees can easily implement to absorb the financial impact involved in returning to the office.

You can learn more about these low-cost initiatives here.

Employee financial wellbeing starts with the payslip

PayDashboard are the technology company linking employee financial wellbeing to payday. We believe that employees should be given the tools that they need to understand their pay (and in turn, their payslip) as well as their taxes and allowances by their employer at a time when it really matters. Which is why we provide a suite of financial education to our users alongside their digital payslip, helping them to understand their pay at the time when money is most on their minds, and reducing the number of employee queries to HR and Payroll teams in the process.

Want to improve the financial wellbeing of your employees? Book a demo of PayDashboard to see how we enable over 16,000 UK businesses to deliver a better payday experience, without having to change their HR/payroll software, all through the process of producing a payslip.

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