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It’s been a turbulent year for personal finances. Employees across the UK have had to tighten their purse strings and prepare for a future that looks financially uncertain. For many, monthly earnings diminished as furlough took hold, forcing budgets to stretch and leaving many unable to save or plan ahead.

The PayDashboard solution

For many, the payslip is merely a representation of their monthly outgoings. This isn’t necessarily due to the inability to save or manage one’s finances, instead it’s about the lack of financial tools and guidance where they are needed most – with the payslip. This is key to PayDashboard’s offering, as the interactive SmartSlip® provides a suite of financial wellbeing and rewards partners that enable employees to effectively plan and manage their finances, with very little employer intervention needed.

This translates to enormous value for the hundreds of thousands of employees who receive their payslip through PayDashboard. There has been growing momentum around the benefits of cloud-based payslips and employee financial wellness, and the media has started to take note. The following two articles -one, a financial publication and the other, a national tabloid - bring PayDashboard into focus from the perspective of employee wellness that is so integral to our offering, and includes quotes from our knowledgeable team members:

Covid 19 and cloud-based payroll (Accountancy Today) - Our very own Laura Hughes discusses digital disruption in the accountancy sector and how they are investing in technology to better support their payroll teams.

Tax code warning: Thousands may be due refunds - can you get money back? How to check (The Express)- During September’s National Payroll Week, The Express featured an article on Tax Codes which included a quote from our COO, Paul Gibbons. The Tax Code guide is the most-read financial guide by PayDashboard users in the payslip portal.

Employee financial wellness is key to PayDashboard’s user offering and our pipeline of value-add services will continue to expand further. If you wish to know more about how PayDashboard’s interactive SmartSlip® solution and financial wellness portal can enhance employees’ payday, get in touch with us today or book a demo at a date and time that is suitable for you.

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