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Case Study: Saxon Weald used PayDashboard to spearhead their digital transformation project

Employers across the UK are accelerating their digital transformation plans to accommodate a changing work culture. Download this free case study to learn how housing association Saxon Weald used PayDashboard to spearhead their internal digital transformation project and create time efficiencies in their payroll department.

Saxon Weald is a housing association managing approximately 6500 homes across Sussex and Hampshire.

They introduced an online payslip portal with PayDashboard as a high-visibility project to launch a wider digital transformation programme.

In doing so they:
• Created time efficiencies in their payroll process
• Reduced the environment impact of printing payslips
• Cemented an innovation mentality amongst their workforce

This is a crucial time for inhouse payroll teams as they strive to create a seamless and uninterrupted payroll function whilst adapting to a changing work culture.

If you are an employer looking for a cloud-based payslip portal to integrate with your current payroll software, then get in touch with us to explore how we might be able to work together. Alternatively you can book a demo at a date and time that is suitable for you.