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We’re just two weeks away from this year’s National Payroll Week. From the 7th to the 11th September, payroll professionals will be recognised and celebrated across the UK.

2020 – The year of payroll

Payroll as a sector has enjoyed an elevated status in 2020 – one of the few inadvertent silver linings brought about by the Coronavirus epidemic. Payroll pre-Covid was barely considered more than the processing arm of Finance or HR; payroll post-Covid is revered as a vital cog in the organisational wheel, if not the bedrock that holds it all together.

Celebrating payroll

With a year of unremitting regulatory and legislative changes, payroll professionals have been called upon to stay abreast of these changes, continue an uninterrupted payroll service and learn new systems while adjusting to a completely disrupted working infrastructure. Yet they rose to the challenge, and as one of the busiest years on record draws to a close, we can’t think of a better time to celebrate all that has been achieved.

PayDashboard events during National Payroll Week

We have plenty of things going on throughout the week and invite payroll professionals of all backgrounds to participate:

Employee Education guides:

It’s been a turbulent year for personal finances. Employees will be concerned about things like furlough, redundancies and tax entitlements. To reduce the number of queries directed towards payroll teams, we’re producing financial guides aimed at answering all these questions. Designed to be shared by payroll providers to their clients, or payroll teams to their employees, the guides are a great value-add resource to help busy payroll teams.

Payroll providers – get your guides here

Employers – get your guides here

WEBINAR: Question time for our payroll services experts – Coronavirus meets National Payroll Week

It’s been 5 months since our inaugural COVID & Payroll webinar, featuring a great panel of payroll services speakers who shared how the crisis had shaped their roles within their respective organisations. We’re delighted to welcome them back to discuss their experiences over the last 5 months and share insights on what they think the future holds.

DATE: 9th September 4pm – 5pm BST


Katy Christiansen (Anderson, Anderson & Brown); Helen Hand (Hammond McNulty); Nigel Chambers (PPAE Ltd)


Payroll Coffee & Chats:

Designed as informal virtual discussions for payroll professionals of all backgrounds, the Payroll Coffee & Chats are a platform for networking, advice and insights from others in the sector. There is no format, no set discussion topic and no agenda.

Join us for a Coffee & Chat during National Payroll Week

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