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2020 is the year that the payroll profession joined the ranks as an esteemed and vital cog in the organisational wheel. Never has payroll received so much attention or reverence as it did during the first and second quarters of 2020. Payroll professionals ensured that their profession took centre stage by leading their respective organisations through what has been a very tumultuous year indeed.

Celebrating payroll

National Payroll Week is just six weeks away, and this year the focus will be on the incredible strides the sector has made in the face of the COVID pandemic. Payrollers around the country will be celebrated and applauded, but their hard work is far from over. With furlough coming to an end in October during an uncertain economy, redundancies are looking very likely and employees will be understandably concerned about their finances and entitlements.

And who will they be turning to for assistance? Their payroll teams, of course.

Helping payrollers during National Payroll Week

Each year, PayDashboard produces financial educational guides that address the typical concerns that employees will have about their tax and pay. This year the guides will be a welcome resource to assist payroll teams as they navigate their way through the end of furlough while addressing the multitude of employee questions. Recipients of the guides will receive one guide per day – directly to their inbox - for the duration of National Payroll Week.

Payroll providers get your guides here

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Feedback from past recipients

Past recipients have had nothing but positive things to say about the guides in terms of how helpful they have been for both payroll teams and employees. For example:

  • The guides provided sufficient information on HMRC guidelines – particularly salary sacrifice, and the Marriage Allowance were big hitters!
  • Many recipients planned to share the guides with their employees once they saw the content, by displaying them in staffrooms or company intranets.
  • A few responded to say that staff members had saved money/made financial modifications as a result of advice within the guides.

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Payroll providers get your guides here

Employers get your guides here

National Payroll Week Coffee & Chat virtual roundtables

Payrollers: Are you feeling supported? With the rapid evolution of the industry over the past year, it might feel as though you are playing a constant game of 'catch-up'.

We will be hosting Coffee & Chat informal roundtable sessions during National Payroll Week to give busy payroll professionals a platform to discuss their experiences and insights with their peers. There is no format. Simply grab a coffee and join the discussion.

All payroll professionals are welcome.

Register your interest to attend here.

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