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In a year where financial uncertainty and fear have underpinned the livelihoods of many, focus on financial wellbeing has never been greater. In these challenging times, financial support and guidance is needed at the very gateway of one’s livelihood: with the payslip.

Cloud-based payslips have a greater role to play than simply being the digital representation of a financial transaction. They are an engagement tool - a conduit of communication between employer and employee; client and employer. They’re also geared to improve financial and personal wellbeing via guidance articles, benefits and rewards. As workforces look towards working remotely in the longer term, the opportunities provided by integrating financial guidance with payslip data means that employees can feel supported without the onus being on payroll teams to provide this support.

It’s this very characteristic that has put PayDashboard in the news. In a recent Accountancy Today article, we reflect on how payday has evolved due to the capabilities of cloud-based payslips and the changing role of payroll professionals. With employees across the UK experiencing an uncertain financial future, open lines of communication together with digital support are crucial to ensure continued employee wellbeing – now more than ever.

You can access the Accountancy Today article here

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