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Our clients and users make us who we are, and as such we are always asking questions and listening to their feedback on the platform features they'd love to see. The needs of our clients are ever-changing, and the complexities of payroll demand that we continuously innovate and iterate according to those needs.

This year, we are introducing many great new features and benefits that will enable our clients to take their payroll function to the next level. From small in-house payroll teams to large, multi-client bureaux, our new features will help streamline processes, improve efficiencies and enable businesses to thrive and grow.

So what's on the agenda? Let's look at each in more detail:

1. CIS - Construction Industry Scheme

Our users have spoken! PayDashboard's solution has always been great for employees on PAYE, but those running CIS were not, until now, able to offer their sub-contractors the same platform benefits. Now our clients will be able to offer CIS statements though the PayDashboard portal alongside PAYE payslips. What does this mean? Well, simply put, it allows CIS employees to take advantage of all the financial tools and services that are currently available to those on PAYE payslips, which is a win-win for all.

2. PayDashboard APIs

We're now officially API-first! Our goal is to help ambitious payroll teams to design more efficient processes. API technology enables data to be passed between disparate systems, creating endless possibilities for systems of all types to integrate and work seamlessly together. Now we can broaden our horizons and offer the PayDashboard solution to a diverse array of business sectors with complex systems.

3. Client data entry screens

Another big one that our clients are really enthusiastic about! For payroll bureaux and accountants, this will greatly improve processes and save the amount of time it takes to input data. This new feature will enable clients of payroll providers to input their pay data in a standardised format to streamline data handling processes. We're really excited about this one!

4. HR & pension integrations

We're bringing systems together and making your life easier! Soon we will be able to connect to external HR and pension systems to facilitate a simple and efficient approach to all things payroll and HR. The days of manually inputting data between multiple solutions is finally nearing its end. Doesn't it just make sense to bring them all together? We think so. Watch this space!

5. Health & Social Care Levy calculator

April's payslips might come as a shock to UK workers who were not forewarned about the NI hike. The Health & Social Care Levy calculator is a new platform feature that enables our uses to calculate their anticipated increase before April, so they can plan and budget accordingly.

Our clients play a very important role in determining the direction we take in tech innovation. In addition to product focus groups, we work closely with a select few early adopters who trial these features and provide feedback before we make them available to the wider market.

Advances in payroll and payslip technology have enabled thousands of businesses and payroll providers to scale up and improve processes without the need for significant investment or resource. Yet there are still those who remain hesitant to jump on board and embrace this new technology. The PayDashboard Customer Success team sits at the heart of the new client onboarding process, and remains with all our clients for the entirety of their time with us. Perhaps there are older staff members who find new technology difficult to learn, or members of the board who believe newfangled tech solutions are expensive or unnecessary. Whatever the challenges, our teams are ready to support our new clients to overcome whatever hurdles they might be facing. We are always open to listening to current challenges and coming up with solutions to work around them!

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