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For many businesses, lockdown highlighted the inadequacies of legacy systems and processes. This was particularly evident when attempts were made to use these systems outside of the office environment. Almost overnight, payroll teams had to fulfil tasks and meet demanding deadlines with insufficient home resources.

Take printed payslips, for example. Without access to the appropriate machinery and printing materials, many companies would have been desperate to find an interim solution to ensure their employees received their payslips on time.

Find out how The Asset Exchange overcame their lockdown payslip delivery challenges

This was the case for The Asset Exchange (The Car Loan Centre) – a leading consumer credit and sub-prime car finance provider.

Founded in 2013, the company had only ever distributed printed payslips to their 80-person workforce. Paper had sufficiently served their needs and until March 2020, they had no urgent requirements to look for alternatives.

But this all changed for them during the lockdown period.

With no way to print payslips while isolated at home, they had no choice but to search for a better solution. They considered email initially, but ultimately rejected it due to GDPR and data security concerns. After doing a little more research they concluded that a secure, cloud-based solution was the only way to adequately safeguard their future payslip delivery.

Within 48 hours of contacting PayDashboard, they were set up and ready to process their first payroll.

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At PayDashboard we understand that it can seem daunting to switch over to the cloud, especially considering the perceived challenges. Digital solutions are so completely divergent to their paper counterparts that it can seem overwhelming to imagine taking that first step.

But the onboarding process is really quick and easy for employers, as you can see in this short video.

We go a step further to make it even easier for you by providing 1-1 web training, training videos and a customer support line in case some of your employees are getting stuck.

Want to know more? Get in touch with us today and let us know what challenges you are facing with your payslip delivery and how we can help.

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