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Solutions for travel and hospitality

A cost-effective payday and financial wellbeing experience for a busy workforce

Bespoke support

Tailored financial wellbeing education and support for employees of all pay grades

Increased engagement

24/7 Employee access to pay, credit info, rewards and all the important communications from you!

Greater security

Airtight data security with an ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials-certified solution

Promote inclusivity across your business

Show employees of all pay grades and job levels just how valued they are, with a payday and financial wellbeing solution that speaks to them in a language of their choosing

Empower employees to choose

Help employees to verify their income and employment from their mobile device in seconds, giving them faster access to mortgages and other loans while saving time for you

Boost financial resilience

Give your employees answers to their financial questions directly from their mobile device, so that they can be empowered to make better financial decisions.... at any time, from anywhere

An extra dimension

"PayDashboard gives our clients an extra dimension to their payroll data not offered by any other payslip portal provider"

Bishop Fleming
Stuart Abbott, Payroll Services Manager

Payday is simpler with PayDashboard

"Our payroll bureau moved our payslips on to PayDashboard as part of a service upgrade, and we're really happy with the change. Having all our pay data including P60s in one place is really helpful - it has reduced the number of queries we get from employees and made the whole process around payday much simpler for everyone."

Kevin Healy, Director