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Features for Inhouse Payroll Teams

PayDashboard integrates with your existing HR or Payroll software to enable you to unlock a wealth of great features to boost financial resilience across your workforce. Your payroll team will love how practical and simple it is to use PayDashboard, showing you why it is the best pay data solution for your business.


Customise your payslip portal

With PayDashboard you can deliver payslips and pay documents in one portal, with the option to send and receive client payroll documents via the dashboard as well, all under one simple monthly licence fee.


Financial education for employees

43% of HR queries are related to pay and payslips. PayDashboard helps to reduce this by providing users with a suite of financial education guides on common problem areas like tax codes and payslip terms, all while pointing them to the correct areas of the HMRC website if they have a problem or want to find out more.

Inhouse Payroll

Promote your employee benefits

Use the opportunity when employees are checking their payslip and engaged with their finances to remind them of the employee benefit schemes available to them. Add your own benefit schemes to PayDashboard or select from our range of product partners


Payroll dashboards for your business

With PayDashboard you can grant your extended team access to view the payroll data, without giving them access to the underlying payroll software.

Inhouse Payroll

Connect to your existing systems

Configure single sign-on so that your staff can move seamlessly from your HR portal, intranet or other system and log in to their PayDashboard payslip portal. Combined with customised branding, you can make PayDashboard look and feel like part of your wider systems.

Don't take our word for it

Hear what our customers have to say about PayDashboard

Kickstarting our digital journey

"Our staff have commented on how useful they have found PayDashboard – especially the tax code tool which has already yielded refunds to them from the taxman. For me the best thing about PayDashboard has been the time it has freed up, which helps me to increase my productivity"

Saxon Weald
Alex Gunter, Assistant Director for Transformation

Payday is simpler with PayDashboard

"Our payroll bureau moved our payslips on to PayDashboard as part of a service upgrade, and we're really happy with the change. Having all our pay data including P60s in one place is really helpful - it has reduced the number of queries we get from employees and made the whole process around payday much simpler for everyone."

Kevin Healy, Director