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[ON DEMAND] - What payroll candidates want w/Nick Day

The payroll landscape has changed. Candidates are now in the driver's seat, determining how and where they want to work. Watch this short video and learn in under 5 minutes, exactly what payroll candidates are looking for in their job search.

Since Covid began, payroll professionals have proven their dispensability and versatility. Their ever-increasing value is known to businesses and payroll providers looking to hire new staff, subsequently changing the payroll recruitment landscape. Job-seekers are leveraging this to their advantage, choosing where and how they want to work.

It’s a tough market out there, and with job-seekers in the driving seat, businesses need to adapt to the needs of the experienced staff that they’re looking to attract. So what are candidates looking for, and what do businesses looking to recruit experienced candidates need to know?

Hear from Nick Day, Founder of JGA Recruitment on what he calls the ‘great awakening’, what candidates want, and how businesses and providers can attract and retain experienced staff.

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