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Case study: Healthpay's ultimate payroll duo - Moneysoft & PayDashboard

Healthpay - a leading payroll bureau specialising in healthcare clients - were looking for a payslip platform to integrate with Moneysoft. Despite being satisfied with Moneysoft as their payroll software, the lack of inbuilt payslip functionality generated the need for a best-of-breed solution to ensure continued online security for their payroll service.

Healthpay was PayDashboard's first integration with Moneysoft. Having participated in early beta testing by providing PayDashboard to their early adopter clients, they were able to gauge whether employee payslips would be transmitted correctly from Moneysoft to PayDashboard.

The feedback was excellent and the 2-way documents portal and SmartSlip® solution was rolled out to their wider client base. This was the first of many Moneysoft and PayDashboard client integrations.

There is no minimum payslip requirement for using PayDashboard with Moneysoft. Whether you have a payroll of 5 or 5000, the set-up and functionality is exactly the same.

It takes 2 minutes to create a new payroll with PayDashboard. Want to see it in action? This timed recording by our Head of Marketing illustrates how easy it is to set up a new client with PayDashboard.

If you would like to know more about how Moneysoft integrates with PayDashboard, get in touch with us today.