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Accountancy and business advisory firm BDO are committed to providing an exceptional client service from their 17 UK locations. As payroll tech innovators, BDO found all-in-one payroll software solutions to be limiting for their business objectives. Believing that a growing payroll bureau needed a best of breed approach to payroll solutions, BDO partnered with PayDashboard in 2018 to ensure they had solutions to meet the needs of all their clients.

In this free download, learn how BDO continues to provide a world-class payroll service by utilising PayDashboard.

"Implementing multiple products from different providers may not seem like the obvious approach, but it has huge benefits over using all-in-one providers". - Maria Mason, Director BDO UK

About PayDashboard

PayDashboard's scalable, cloud payslip solution gives you the flexibility to expand your client payroll service with little extra cost or additional resource. Custom branding and extra platform features enable you to provide more value, both for you and your clients. Our dedicated Client Success team remain with you from the onboarding process and beyond - to ensure you continue to get the most out of the PayDashboard product. Why not get in touch with us today or book a demo at a suitable time and experience the product for yourself.

We look forward to assisting you in providing an enhanced payday experience!