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[ON-DEMAND] Coach, Mentor, Manager: How to develop an exceptional payroll team - 12th August 2021

Fostering a collaborative and effective payroll team culture is crucial to its success. Coaching and mentorship skills are the fundamentals of any great team leader looking to achieve this within their organisation.

Brona Grogan - COO and Coach of Paycheck Plus - Ireland's leading payroll service, joins PayDashboard for an insightful and informative 30-minute interview. Brona's commitment to fostering a coaching and mentorship culture has enhanced team cohesiveness and positively impacted the bureau's bottom line.

Brona's approach to a coaching philosophy is one of the reasons Paycheck Plus remains a leading, award-winning payroll services provider. This free on demand video recording includes some valuable tips and insights around this approach.

Want to hear more from Brona?

In this on demand video recording from the 2020 Payroll Services Summit, Brona goes into detail on her approach to building a coaching culture in the ever-changing world of payroll.

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