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[ON-DEMAND] PSS2021: Limiting Beliefs

Sometimes the biggest obstacles that are placed in our path to success are a result of our own limiting beliefs. And a change in mental outlook could be all it takes to capitalise on bigger and better career opportunities.

Many of us will come to a point in our lives and our careers where we feel stuck, or that we have come as far as we are likely to go. Perhaps we've found ourselves living an existence that we feel is subpar with what we think we deserve. This is often a result of us not knowing our true value - or indeed knowing our value, but not knowing how to make it work in our lives for better career success.

Jo Phillips is an Executive Coach who specialises in helping people to realise their potential and to create a plan to realise their professional dreams and goals. Download this free video from the Payroll Services Summit, to learn more about Jo's 6-step programme to helping payroll professionals achieve their career ambitions.

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