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[ON-DEMAND] Payroller to Partner, the journey - 9th September 2021.

There are many career pathways opening up to payroll professionals. If you are a payroll professional wanting to learn more about the career path to the C-Suite, this webinar is for you.

Thursday 9th September - 4pm - 5pm

The journey from payroll to Partner: Whether the goal is to run your own accounting firm, or sit on the board of your current employer, this career path is entirely within reach for those working in payroll. But what does it look like? What skillsets and qualifications are imperative to this career path? What choices can a young payroll professional make early in their career to ensure these opportunities remain available?

We sat down with Karen Thomson, Partner at award-winning Accounting firm, Armstrong Watson during National Payroll Week, for a live interview and Q&A to hear how Karen made it to Partner from her humble beginnings as a junior payroller. Featuring some great inside tips and insights, this is a must-watch session for anyone looking to follow a similar career path.

Who should watch?
Anyone working within payroll services or inhouse payroll teams with similar career ambitions.