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[ON-DEMAND] - 2022/23 National Insurance - all you need to know

This 17-minute video taken from PayDashboard's recent live webinar with Sam Johnson of CIPP covers everything payroll professionals will need to know about the National Insurance changes in 2022/23, and an overview of 2023/24.

For anyone working in payroll, this short but very comprehensive video will provide all you will need to know about the National Insurance changes coming in April 2022, and includes:

  • NI thresholds
  • Employment Allowance
  • A comprehensive overview of the Health & Social Care Levy

Taken from PayDashboard's recent live webinar featuring CIPP's Head of Policy Samantha Johnson, this short, 17-minute video is an in-depth technical overview of the NI changes coming in 2022/23, as well as a brief overview of NI changes in 2023/24.

Who should watch?

Anyone in Payroll, Finance, HR or Accounting who would like to fully understand the upcoming NI changes, or would like to share this video with their teams.

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