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[ON-DEMAND] How to position and sell your payroll service - 10th June 2021

Sometimes it can be difficult to convey just how much value providing a payroll service can be for your clients. Effective selling is the fine art of knowing how to position your payroll service as one that is a strategic business development initiative - and to leverage this to generate enough client interest to grow your business.

Training webinar with Phil Sayers

On Thursday 10th June 2021, we welcomed Sales Trainer Phil Sayers from Proten Sales Development, who answered a series of interview questions around growing your payroll service. Phil trains small businesses on effective sales and business development, and has 37 years' experience in sales and coaching. This session is a must-watch for payroll providers wanting to improve the effectiveness of their sales activities, leverage their payroll service as a key initiative and ultimately build a better business.

Found out what Phil considers to be the top 5 selling mistakes accountants make in this whitepaper.

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