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Access benefit schemes through PayDashboard

PayDashboard doesn't just provide innovative digital payslips. Through our platform you can discover, implement and manage employee benefits, as well as adding offers and providers you already work with.

Four steps to savings success

1. PayDashboard provides the employer with impartial, easy-to-understand summaries about how each scheme works and potential employer savings, along with a list of providers who run that scheme.

2. With all the information about each provider in one place, employers can easily compare different offers within their PayDashboard account, without navigating multiple websites.

3. When an employer selects a scheme and provider, the information about that offer is instantly displayed in their employees' PayDashboard area.

4. Employees can see the offers available to them whenever they log in to check their payslips, and can find out more, calculate potential savings, and opt in.

The benefits

For employers

For employees

For scheme providers

  • regular engagement with employees
  • increased uptake of schemes
  • savings on National Insurance contributions with some schemes
  • access to schemes and information not normally available to smaller companies
  • make informed decisions about their benefits
  • see the real value of their choices on their payslip
  • exposure to a new audience
  • greater uptake of your products

Here's just a couple of examples of products currently available via PayDashboard.

PayDashboard Rewards

Discounts, cashback and offers for employees to make their net pay go further

Give your employees access to fantastic discounts and cashback with PayDashboard Rewards. They receive 100% of their cashback and there are no set-up fees for the employer, just a simple monthly subscription fee.

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Health Cashback

A simple alternative to private medical insurance

Health cashback plans allow employees to reclaim some of the cost of medical treatment, including physiotherapy, chiropractic and even acupuncture treatments.

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Personal lease cars

Employees achieve huge savings on a new vehicle

Through personal car leasing employees make savings on tax and national insurance, with the biggest savings on low-emission and eco-friendly cars, plus the convenience of paying for their car from their salary.

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Dental Insurance

Corporate dental insurance covers prevention as well as treatment

Reduce time off required for dental procedures by enabling employees to reclaim the costs of routine checkups and oral hygiene appointments.

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Bike to work

Employers save 13% and employees up to 42% on the cost of a bike for work

The scheme even covers safety equipment and accessories, so employers can rest assured that their employees also have access to helmets, lights, reflective clothing, puncture repair kits and much more.

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Workplace Pensions

Making saving for retirement easy and affordable

Most large companies already have a pension scheme, and all employers will need to offer one by 2018. Help employees to save for their retirement with a workplace pension and both employers and employees will benefit from the tax efficiencies.

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Workplace parking

Affordable access to season ticket rates

Annual season tickets may be the best value, but finding the cash for such a large one-off payment can be difficult for employees. Spreading the cost over 12 payments with a workplace parking scheme is convenient and enables employees to take advantage of season ticket rates. 

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Buy and sell annual leave

A simple way to cater for the diverse needs of employees

Whether buying a few extra days off to use for a special holiday, or selling untaken leave to increase their take-home pay, flexibility around annual leave is a valued benefit for many employees.

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