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National Payroll Week 2022

5th - 9th September 2022

National Payroll Week is designed to raise the profile of the payroll profession and celebrate the positive impact that the industry has in the UK

This National Payroll Week, PayDashboard will distribute one financial education guide per day, for the duration of the week, to those who sign up.

Why sign up?

The profile of payroll has risen substantially since 2020, and is now a business function that proactively engages with employees to support their financial wellbeing. And with companies under increasing pressure to deliver financial support and guidance, payrollers are in a great position to take advantage of these opportunities.

The NPW guides help employees to understand their payslip terms in more detail, allowing them to take advantage of the various tax breaks available and to maximise their net pay.

The rising cost of living along with stagnant wages mean that UK workers are seeing a big hit to their take-home pay. These guides will help employees to mitigate this impact, and take control of their finances for a greater financial future.

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