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National Payroll Week 2021

6th - 10th September 2021

Employee financial wellbeing support has never been more crucial for businesses. But this support does not have to come at a great cost to your business or bureau.

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Millions of employees could be unaware of the tax breaks available to them. The end of furlough represents a perfect time to provide employees with the financial resources to help them understand these schemes in more detail.

The Marriage Allowance is a good example, as many newlyweds are not aware that they qualify for the scheme.

Likewise with tax codes - employees on the incorrect tax code might be paying more tax than they should, and this could sometimes be overlooked by payroll teams too. The National Payroll Week employee education guides provide comprehensive information on the various benefits and schemes that are available, and how to claim.

Benefits for employees

The guides are a great resource to enable employees to understand their tax and pay, empower them to take charge of their finances, and improve their financial futures.

Benefits for payroll teams

The guides are a great way to save time for payroll teams, by reducing the amount of tax and pay-related questions that employees will have, particularly as furlough comes to an end in September.

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