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The state of payroll today - an employer research report by Experian

Outdated and inefficient payroll systems are creating unnecessary problems and stress for employees and payroll teams. In this whitepaper, we explore the results of a recent survey conducted by Experian, featuring everyone along the payroll chain: employers and employees, payroll teams and payroll platform providers. The picture doesn’t look as bright as it could. We found that payroll teams are stretched and facing significant challenges.

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In an age when so many of our engagements are online, it seems odd that employers are still notifying employees of their monthly pay with pdfs or paper-based payslips. It’s not a secure or satisfying experience and its does not reflect the digital expectations of consumers.

In a recent survey by Experian, it became clear that payroll and HR are overstretched and that old, outdated systems are making it harder that it should be to pay people first time, on time.

Statistics learned in the survey

  • 77% of respondents get at least one pay or employment verification request a month, for example during an employee’s mortgage or loan application
  • Half the respondents cited manual payroll processes as being the key reason they were dissatisfied with their payroll solution
  • Two-thirds of respondents (69%) got payroll queries at least every month
  • 65% of consumers would prefer to submit payslip data online rather than send physical copies

Download this free whitepaper to explore these challenges in more detail and hear from employers (Caxton) and software providers (Zellis and Iris) on the solutions they have in place to create a better payday experience for all.

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