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Anyone working in payroll can attest to the fact that processing leavers can be a lengthy, arduous process. And the process can vary greatly according to what payroll software you use, or how you deliver your payslips. For example, if the payroll department in a large organisation is processing multiple leavers with paper payslips and P45s, then it's safe to say that there will be a significant amount of unnecessary admin time spent, to say nothing of the cost involved.


Leaver Access with PayDashboard

The PayDashboard portal integrates with most payroll software, reducing those many time-consuming payroll admin tasks, if not eliminating them altogether. The leaver features are a great example of this, containing many benefits for payroll staff wanting to cut back on admin time and streamline their leaver process. Whether you are a business or payroll services provider, the benefits of PayDashboard's leaver features will create considerable efficiency savings across your business and free up precious time for your payroll teams.


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About PayDashboard

PayDashboard is an interactive cloud payslip that integrates with your payroll software to deliver an all-encompassing employee payday experience. PayDashboard means increased efficiencies for you, and access to fairer finance for employees.