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PayDashboard 2021 Payroll Insights Survey - RESULTS

In January 2021, PayDashboard surveyed UK payroll professionals about their experiences in 2020 as they worked to keep the UK paid through a global pandemic, and how this impacted their decision making and plans for 2021.

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According to Government statistics, there were 3.9 million furloughed employees by November 2020, and by the end of December, 36% of all employers had staff on furlough.

The impact of furlough processing against a backdrop of continuing legislative changes saw payroll professionals put under an unprecedented amount of pressure which had an effect on both a micro and macro level.

232 individuals completed the survey, with an even split between those operating in a payroll services capacity on behalf of clients (Bureaux), and those processing their own payroll in-house (Employers).

The survey revealed some interesting and insightful statistics, which are available in this free download.

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