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NPW2022 - Travel costs (employer guide)

Many employees might want to return to the office several days per week, but are deterred by the ever-increasing cost of travel. This guide provides a checklist of helpful, low-cost ways employers can offer this support to their employees.

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The rising cost-of-living and subsequent increase in travel costs are very likely putting employees off the idea of returning to the office. And employers wanting to encourage their staff to be in the office will probably find resistance from employees not willing to spend unnecessary funds on travelling to and from work, especially if they're hybrid workers who can pick and choose where they want to work.

Employees will need to be incentivised, and employers are in a great position to offer some low-cost travel support ideas to encourage their workers to come into the office without breaking the bank.

This guide is a great resource to share with your teams or payroll clients, to help them discover the many low-cost ways to provide employee travel support during these tough times.

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