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NPW2022 - Tax Codes & Emergency Tax Codes

Tax codes can be tricky - sometimes employees can be on the incorrect tax code and be paying too much or too little tax without realising it. These two free guides provide clarity on what these codes mean and how to check whether the correct one has been applied.

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Emergency tax is a temporary tax status that many types of workers will be placed on until the correct tax code is applied by HMRC. And many workers aren't even aware of this, that is until their net pay suddenly increases, or decreases - which can come as a nasty shock.

Tax codes are confusing too, as there are many number and letter variations that most employees might glance over from time to time, but will not find it necessary to know what they are.

Download these two helpful guides to:

  • Help employees (particularly new employees) to understand what their tax code is, and what it means
  • Alleviate the surprise when tax code corrections impact net pay
  • Save time for payroll teams who will usually be the first to be called upon to answer tax code questions

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